Saturday, 30 March 2013

Horrible Work Organizations: Training Day

First Draft: Just imagine it! Your first day with a new boss. You want to impress, to show that you are the best person for the job, you want to demonstrate your commitment, you ability, your flexibility. Then your new boss asks you to do something unthinkable, as in Training Day (Dir. Antoine Fuqua 2001), not once but several times, every transgression a crime in which you compromise your own integrity and professionalism, endanger your career all in the pursuit of the organisation ideal. Like the rookie cop in Training Day you may have the inner resources to stand up to the crap questionable practices you are gently being persuaded are the real ways to achieve what you and the organization desire. You come to realize that the organization is a perversion of its mission statement, a cabal of self-interested professional bureaucrats pursuing their own self-interest within a discretionary time span, women and men who will bend the rules to maximize personal returns and leave the organization once their bonuses and salaries have been maxed out and their integrity in danger of being exposed for what it is, a vacuous house of cards. The human resource is expendable, everything is expendable for the duration of the all powerful chief executive's reign.

Abandon Hope All Ye who enter there.

I invite feedback from readers who may wish to disclose how your integrity has been compromised in your own experience of employment.

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