Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Horrible Work Organizations: He was brimful of evil.

Being brimful of evil is how King John was described in Magna Carta: the Aftermath of Runnymede - a series of four programmes introduced by Lord Melvin Bragg. King John was described as the smile with a knife. How many of us in our day-to-day work organizations have met with managers who might be so described. Ramsarse in a previous post may be one. In my own experience HalfArse Houlihan is the best example, an unprincipled shit who will lie - and persuade others to lie - steal, defraud to maintain his own position and his own belief in his worth, a self which has little or no credit now. So brimful of evil is he - so full of shit - that his paltry scab covered body - he hosts psoriasis - that the department is pervaded by the stench of his bodily and moral decay.  It is as if his body cannot contain his evil and leaks it so that other souls may be warned of the horror in their midst.

Hell itself is defiled by the fouler presence of King John'. ... and slothful; judicious and corrupt; sensitive and myopic; intelligent and brutish; cultured and violent. 

(Who's who in British History: A-H - Page 731 - Google Books Result
Geoffrey Russell Richards Treasure - 1998 - ‎Great Britain)

To my horror when sitting next to an executive director of this institution at a meeting where the non-executive directors were in attendance, I sensed a whiff from him which was almost identical to that HalfArse Houlihan. Of the same kidney - I thought. It was the last meeting of non-executive directors I attended.

PS: I wonder if King John was similarly stinking.

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