Thursday, 21 May 2015

Horrible Work Organizations: Two Psychologists - inter alia - at Wretchington

I worked among psychologists in my immediate work environment. I rarely spent much time with them because, generally we had so little in common. Apart from the nastiness of the horrible bullying of colleagues for which the institution never apologised, there were other oddities among these applied scientists.

One once confided in me that whenever he saw a pregnant woman he had the fantasy of punching her in the belly.  I hope it remains a fantasy. This character agreed with me that another colleague was a sexual predator.  I mention this in particular because on occasion he was seen looking at me through the glass in my office door (while I was facing the computer screen). If I worked beyond 5pm and had the radio playing he would invariably knock on the door and ask me to lower the volume - it seemed to be a power thing with him. Whenever he had the opportunity to do so, for example through peer quality control, he would ctiticise me.  He really was grotesque. That his research area was learning difficulties - his population were vulnerable people has made me wonder what risks did they face through being part of his research population.

He had worked for a while in the city in which I grew up and once, on learning that he was going to be there when I was visiting, I suggested that we might meet up. His queerness was to the fore in an SMS mesage he sent me telling me that he was staying with a friend on 'the northside' and that he 'couldn't accommodate'. he asked ME if we could meet in a sauna or a cottage.  Such bizarre behaviour on his part made me wonder if he had been groomed by our manager to make such suggestions. I once put it to him that he was indeed being groomed by her.  He appeared genuinely surprised by my question.

I never travelled home after work on the train with him after that.

Both of these Two Psychologists are still in post.

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