Thursday, 20 August 2015

Horrible Work Organizations: Two More Psychologists

A meeting with a therapist acquaintance a few weeks ago has helped me reflect further on my time at Wretchington and how bad it really was there, and may still be if the casual comments of those still employed there are to be believed.  My therapist pal interrupted me four times as I was telling him of my experiences there, managed for the most part by HalfArse Houlihan and his wife. He asked , "Is what you're telling me true?"  Like the solicitor myself and several colleagues consulted he found it incredible that such a regime of poor management endured for so long.  The management of our employing institution and their insurers decided that it was best to deny these happenings.

The two psychologists I wish to refer to here were both working in the mental health field, both members of or eligible for membership of their big bureaucratic professional body.  The first of these joined Wretchington in the mid-90s.  On the day of her interview she told me, over lunch, of her illness - a physical illness was declared Dear Reader - Hodgkinson's Lymphoma.  She related how her erstwhile male partner told her how their home would be paid for on her demise once their endowment policy paid out. Quite a lot of stuff to tell a complete stranger at a place of prospective employment on interview day.

As it turned out this clinical psychologist, let's call her Mal Mallyvent, was appointed. Who else would the Houlihans appoint, they went for the weakest and most malleable candidates, it often seemed to me. A second specialist in the mental health field was appointed a few terms later. A young woman, Joyce,  in the blossom of her years. It wasn't long before Mal had conjured up a cunning stunt. She set about persuading Joyce that she was not heterosexual and led her into a Lesbian relationship.  Poor Joyce. She consented to being impregnated by Mal's brother, and a child was born to the happy couple. Not much time passed before Joyce realised the mistake she had been persuaded to make and she left the relationship, with her child.  In the years that have intervened, how the product of their relationship has coped with their status, Heaven only knows.  While Joyce quit the institution, Wretchington, Mal kept very much in touch through her close personal friendship with Mrs HalfArse Houlihan.  Not only that, she secured a key position in a local NHS Trust.

I came across her again, albeit vicariously, when another appointment was made about a decade later.  This new colleague, who had worked with Mal Mallyvent said of her that she was the most manipulative person he had ever encountered, either clinically or professionally.  He shared with me the idea that she had 'form' in persuading her naive heterosexual female colleagues - one wonders too about the clients - that they were gay and starting relationships with them.  Perhaps Mal herself has always remained straight but has played the Lesbian card because it is the only was she can secure a relationship which she can control.  Of one of Mal's partners he told me that the first she knew that her relationship with Mal had ended was when she returned home from work and found her suitcases packed outside the home they had once shared.

So yes, it is true what I have been telling you. And stand by for more.

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