Monday, 25 January 2016

My Therapist is Bonkers

It has been a while, Dear Reader. The PTSD has kicked in and the awareness that there are, to be polite, so many unsuitable professionals working as therapists in the Psy Industries weighs more heavily upon me than ever.

A number of years ago, a colleague found a paper copy of an email in a filing cabinet which she was to use during her tenure at Wretchington. The correspondence is between an academic - who in a distressed state had tendered her resignation - and the then Dean, none other than Ramsarse. I represent the contents below with the identities of the correspondents hidden.

Dear Ramsarse 

I feel such a nuisance to you and wonder whether the difficulty is you have not the heart to tell me I am not the right person for this post? I cannot help the way that I am, but am forever trying to improve the course.  I will not bother you about this again, but please do let me know your decision as soon as you can (this sort of thing really distresses me).  Do not worry, whatever you decide, I am sure it will be for the best.

Kindest regards,


This distressed colleague had just had promotion to a more senior tenure, normally a formality, denied by Mrs. Half-Arse Houlihan, always keen to exercise her power to distress colleagues.  The author of the above email would not challenge Mrs Half-Arse Houlihan about this as 'they both went back a long way'.  The exercise of power in action, Dear Reader.  Both now practice as psychotherapists in the private sector.

Ramsarse replied thus.

Dear *****

I thought I had already dealt with this.  As far as I am concerned this is a motter (sic) for you and N***y and I have asked her to talk with you.  To this effect your letter of notice is on hold until you and N***y can find an appropriate way forward.  I have contacted personnel last week to confirm this.  Just as an aside, it is alot (sic) easier to go and talk to people than to fire in your resignation and then withdraw it straight away.  In future a little more reflection may be a good idea.

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