Monday, 18 July 2016

Stark Bollock Naked in The Workplace

So HalfArseHoulihan's post Wrottesley life hasn't eased his travails in his search of self. (Perhaps he should begin by looking up his arsehole.)

News reached me a few months ago that his colleague, fellow warehouse director and only son turned up for work on The Marshes one morning to find his Sire in flagrante delicto, stark bollock naked in the company of another man.  Never knowingly one to swing both ways, this must have come as a shock to the lad.  The poor son retreated to his home town and off-loaded to his erstwhile Nanny, whose son off-loaded to the Blush Telegraph. The poor kid, OK he's about 30 yeas of age, but to have a father, employer, work-colleague like that must upset his sense of self, and his sense of much more besides.

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