Monday, 8 May 2017

Low Sttandards in High Places

Are all organizations the same?- the question is often asked.  At Wretchington the answer to this question may be put thus - Power is exercised to protect the reputation of the power holders, the Chief Executive, the Director of Personnel/Human Resources and so on. In other words those and their lickspittles whose behaviour and leadership evoke the two word response 'TOXIC SHITHOLE' when employees at the University are asked what life is like there at the moment.

Going through the motions, once upon a time, the Director of Human Resources - she who has the habit of peeling fruit in meetings (Monkey see, Monkey do) - in purportedly trying to arbitrate the difficulties that a significant number of psychology staff were bringing to her attention, approached ACAS (Arbitration Counselling and Advisory Service) to do its magic. ACAS had already had at least one negative experience of Personnel practices at Wretchington.  It turned out that the ACAS person, once information had been disclosed by the injured to her, saw that the process had been nobbled by Human Resources and withdrew from the process. She understood that she had been set up. To the aggrieved psychologists, it became clear that the Director of HR did not want there to be a resolution to the issues raised but rather she wished the academics in question to leave the institution- and the wrong-doers kept on. Further evidence of this was that another putative attempt at 'arbitration' saw an entrepreneurial psychologist from Harborne in Birmingham being brought in to resolve the conflict. The person had already been hired to deliver teaching by one of the Functional Psychopaths against whom most of the complaints in this case had been made.

If you buy into to your employer's reconciliation scheme, beware! Caveat Emptor.

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